The ultimate traveling salesman.

Fleet graphics. RV鈥檚. Over the road but never under the radar. It鈥檚 how to build brand awareness and drive traffic while stuck in it. There鈥檚 no better place than the open road to open minds to your message. To demand attention from a captive audience waiting for their attention to be grabbed. And there鈥檚 no better place to get the attention and expertise you need, than at Vomela. Design. Materials. Printing. Large scale. State-of-the-art. It doesn鈥檛 happen by opening a shop and buying some printing equipment. This requires experience. Serious know how. And yes, critical installation. Your mobile billboards are waiting to get rolling. It鈥檚 time to get your brand creative up to speed. Then set it to cruise control.


鈥⒙ Seamless processes that include design, printing, vehicle staging, removal of old graphics and installation

鈥⒙ A vast network of design experts to provide on-brand originality and first-rate creative capabilities

鈥⒙ Experienced, certified installers to help ensure聽your vinyl wrap is installed quickly and correctly

鈥⒙ 20+ facilities across North America that enable coordinated launches

鈥⒙ Strong history, experience and relationships in the transportation and RV industries ensure that service and fleet graphics meet OEM standards

鈥⒙ Investments in state-of-the-art equipment result in faster prototyping and innovative use of materials

鈥⒙ Quick-turn prototyping and 3D 鈥渄oming鈥

鈥⒙ Experts in commercial fleet vinyl graphics that manage your project from beginning to end.

鈥⒙ Work with local fleet graphics experts at our locations around the country from Wilsonville, Oregon to High Point, North Carolina.



Explore graphic solutions and printing services for successful
branded environments and activations.

Thorntons Fleet Redesign

Vomela Transportation Group (VTG) had the opportunity to prove our commitment to quality when Thorntons, Inc. needed a full fleet redesign and installation.

3M Headquarters Wrap

As part of an ongoing brand campaign, global science company 3M turned to their long-time printing partner, Jav视频, to wrap their iconic headquarters in St. Paul, MN.

First Bank Office Graphics

A great way to meet in the middle is with the use of privacy screens. An image or geometric design that reflects your brand or vision can be made in a variety of substrates depending on what it is you are looking for.