creative project management

Keeping ducks in a row. And on budget.

On time. On budget. Exceeding expectations. If that sounds dull, then you鈥檝e never had to explain to your boss what went wrong. The beauty of creative project management 鈥 no explanation needed. Even Rocky needed a manager. Scheduling. Coordination. Communication. Processing. When all done right, these are the roundhouse haymakers of knocking out smooth projects. And something Vomela prides itself on. Spectacular creative, smooth landing, and everything in between kept just duckie.

鈥⒙ Planning and scheduling

鈥⒙ Liaison with manufacturing

鈥⒙ Client communications

鈥⒙ Order processing

鈥⒙ Installation coordination

鈥⒙ Creative problem solving

鈥⒙ On-time delivery

鈥⒙ Print expertise